Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm a little bit late, but I hope you all had a fantastic day, and got very spoilt :)

Another lottery has come and gone. I have contacted all of the winners, so my biggest apologies to those who missed out this time.

I wanted to share a few of the winning entries with you - there were some great answers:

I love all your fabrics so much they're all my favourite. So I sat my 5 month old daughter Emily in front of the screen with me and asked her to pick her favourite, she slapped the screen near Cocoa Kimono atleast 3 times, so I'm assuming that's her favourite! ;) Anything that's a favourite of hers, is a favourite of mine.

To pick a favorite is SO unfair, we love them all, and don't want to share. "Mirabelle" is oh so hippy, but the "Mustard Martini" makes me feel tippy! "Wallpaper" would look cute on Sophie's bum, without a Mini la la nappy our days are no fun. So to answer your question, without hesitation, it's "Cocoa Kimono" we love for the perfect presentation. So please ship a nappy for Sophie & me, MiniLaLa, MiniLaLa, MiniLaLa "Yipee"!!!

Yellow Birds - I have three very noisy birds (2yr old, 5mth twins) in my household (oh...probably 4 if you count my wife!)

My favourite .... I can not believe that I have to narrow it down to just one! What an unfair choice, I want to choose them all but a polite yet persistant little box keeps telling me to only pick 6!! I can not choose it is like asking me to pick which one of my children is my favourite..... but if it means the chance of getting a minilala I will choose French Riveria. Why? Because it is so darn pretty (but then they all are aren't they?)

Thank you for all being so creative with your answers :)

I'm sure you're wondering how I choose the winners. Well, I take out all the answers (so that I can't see names or anything else), and my 'team' and I choose our favourites. The ones which we all have in our top 5 are the winners, and so on. It's the fairest way I could think of.

Thanks again to everybody who entered!

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