Monday, February 16, 2009

Well, that didn't quite go to plan.....

Isn't that the understatement of the century!!!!?

I don't even know where to begin. Thank you! Sorry! I have never been so stressed in my life!

My apologies if I didn't reply to your email, or if it takes me a few days. There were literally thousands of people trying to buy tonight, so I understand that many of you are annoyed. If I could make any more I would!!!

I have had many kind suggestions about how to make more nappies, lol! I was trying to keep it hush-hush, but I am in the process of finding a manufacturer, but these things do take time. I promise there will come a day when these crazy stockings are a thing of the past... Trust me, if you were stressed, multiply that by 1000 and thats me!!! Please remember that I sew every nappy myself (with a little help from my darling husband).

Please bear with me (Oh yeah, if you got that email, I didn't actually want you to 'bear me'! Was slightly frazzled, LOL!). I will get back to each of you over the next few days. I will also warn you that I had ALOT of oversales, so I will be in touch if you have one of those and we'll sort that out.

Now, here's a laugh: A self portrait of me at 8.50pm (now you know how much trouble I go to getting 'dressed' for work - forgive the scariness!) - on the phone to Matt, my web developer (who later likened me to a crack dealer, lol!), husband at work, trying to smile through my fear, Ivie in sling as she refused to settle, trying to count nappies as there were only 10 minutes to go (though ended up that I couldn't even get on to load them!), and you can't see Nicholas (who was supposed to be in bed) eating the leftovers of his pasta which I hadn't disposed of after his 6pm dinner!

...And I can assure you, it didn't get any better after that.... All I can do is laugh!

Seriously though, I appreciate your support so much, and cannot thank you enough for sticking with me through that tonight... May it never, ever happen again :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Are you ready?

Judging by my inbox, you're all ready and waiting for Monday's stocking!

Well, here they are:

The AIOs:
I only have 6 smalls (the stack on the right), the two stacks in the middle are medium, and the two on the left are large.
The pockets:
I've generally got 2-5 of each pattern.

All stacked up and ready to be finished (I need to sew tabs on)

I have really cut it fine this month (not that the last stocking was any different)! With all my sewing machine dramas, travelling the countryside for various reasons, sick kids, etc, etc. I didn't get as many nappies made as I had hoped. Still plenty though.

The good news is that my new machine is fabulous! I know that next month will be more productive.

As those of you who witnessed the last stocking will know, the nappies will go ridiculously quickly! It is first through the checkout gets the goods, so I'd recommend signing up for an account before Monday to get through quicker.

The site now has an 'add-on' postage option to make it simple to check out more than once without doubling up on postage. This proved to be a good option last time with some people getting as many as 5 nappies!

Also, remember that if you want anything other than nappies - velour wipes, hair clips, Huggalugs etc - you can add those to your cart before 9pm.

And...I'll be running a little competition: simply purchase a set of velour wipes on Monday night to be in the draw to win a goodies pack worth over $100!

So 9pm EDST, Monday. I have alot to do before then! See you there!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I could not have imagined...

When I wrote my last post, I had absolutely no idea of the scale of this disaster.

Saturday had brought the most horrible, unbelievable weather conditions that I have ever seen. Here, as in most parts of Victoria, it was a sweltering 46.5 degrees celsius (almost 116 fahrenheit). Not only was the heat unbearable, but the wind was travelling at speeds of up to 110km/h. I knew it had been the worst possible conditions for fire, but just never could have imagined the damage that could be done.

Re-reading my last post, I feel a little naive. The headline on Sunday's paper read that 14 people had died. Now, that was an absolute tragedy. Of course it couldn't get much worse - right? They did say that it was possible that up to 40 people may have lost their lives. I didn't believe it.

Obviously, I wasn't the only one who underestimated the ferocity of this fiery demon.

The photo of the smoke here on Sunday was about double on Monday. And you know, we were a good 60km away from the fire. Every person I speak to knows someone who has been adversely affected by these fires... or worse. You have all seen the images... Unspeakable...

It really is something that you could never, ever imagine facing. To each and every person who has been affected (there are so, so many), I am so very sorry, and like all of us, I'm sure, I feel so helpless. Nothing will ever take away the horror that you have all lived through. I just wish we could do more. I wish we could turn back time....

The last I heard, 181 people had lost their lives..... One. Hundred. And. Eighty. One. With more expected to be found. More than 1000 families have lost their homes. Entire towns have been obliterated.

Of course you know all this, but no matter how many times I hear it, I just cannot imagine how it is possible. Right on my own doorstep. Just so horrific. So tragic.

I will be donating money to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal - 50% of profits from the sales of all remaining stock at La La Baby (I will make the donation when the shop closes).

I will also be donating 10 sets of MiniLaLa hairclips (maybe more if someone buys them) to Handmade Help.

100% will go to the appeal. That is, every cent you pay for the hair clips will go to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. There are also many other gorgeous handmade things of which funds will be donated.

I'm sure most Australians have or will be doing the same, as we are all so deeply touched by this disaster. To my international friends, I ask you to please consider donating some money. Every cent is much needed. These people have suffered so badly. The more that we can raise, the sooner these people can start to get their lives, and homes rebuilt. Unfortunately, we will never, ever forget....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Smoke and nappies...

Aren't these bushfires awful? We are at least a hundred kilometres from any of the large fires, yet we still awoke to a thick smoky haze. Here is a picture I took this morning of the view down our street

I can't imagine how scary it must be for those more closely affected. My thoughts are with you all.

Today, I've been working on nappies for the next stocking. Here are the pockets which will be up for sale. Some are stitched and waiting for closure tabs, some are waiting to be topstitched... There are lots!

'When can I buy one', you ask? Be at MiniLaLa ready and waiting at 9pm EDST (Melbourne time) on Monday, 16th February... I'll be back later in the week to update with styles and sizes available.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So, the thing is....

I was all set, all excited, for a stocking this Monday or Tuesday, but 2 weeks ago, disaster struck...

My darling sewing machine had a turn.... I cosied her up, packed her in the car and travelled the 260ish kms to Melbourne to get her the best care possible. They needed her to stay in for a week. When the call came that she was ready for pick up last Thursday, I packed the kids up, and got down there asap. I was so relieved and happy to have my little Janome home with me, and I was ready to get to work! That night, I made a shocking discovery.... My machine was not healed. She may never be healed. She has had a tough life, and at just 6 years young, she doesn't have much time left. Sadly, I will be saying goodbye to my beloved friend. She has been there for me all these years, and I'm very sad to have to let her go.

After a few days madly searching and researching, I found a new machine. Nicholas, Ivie and I travelled 90kms to Shepparton yesterday, and returned home with my new Bernina. Now, she's not much to look at, but I know she has a good heart, and she's in it for the long haul. She's a hard worker, and willing to get through the tough stuff. I think we'll be good friends.

So, the thing is.... The MiniLaLa stocking has now been pushed back, as I have many nappies to sew, but I will keep you in the loop. Talk to you soon!