Monday, February 16, 2009

Well, that didn't quite go to plan.....

Isn't that the understatement of the century!!!!?

I don't even know where to begin. Thank you! Sorry! I have never been so stressed in my life!

My apologies if I didn't reply to your email, or if it takes me a few days. There were literally thousands of people trying to buy tonight, so I understand that many of you are annoyed. If I could make any more I would!!!

I have had many kind suggestions about how to make more nappies, lol! I was trying to keep it hush-hush, but I am in the process of finding a manufacturer, but these things do take time. I promise there will come a day when these crazy stockings are a thing of the past... Trust me, if you were stressed, multiply that by 1000 and thats me!!! Please remember that I sew every nappy myself (with a little help from my darling husband).

Please bear with me (Oh yeah, if you got that email, I didn't actually want you to 'bear me'! Was slightly frazzled, LOL!). I will get back to each of you over the next few days. I will also warn you that I had ALOT of oversales, so I will be in touch if you have one of those and we'll sort that out.

Now, here's a laugh: A self portrait of me at 8.50pm (now you know how much trouble I go to getting 'dressed' for work - forgive the scariness!) - on the phone to Matt, my web developer (who later likened me to a crack dealer, lol!), husband at work, trying to smile through my fear, Ivie in sling as she refused to settle, trying to count nappies as there were only 10 minutes to go (though ended up that I couldn't even get on to load them!), and you can't see Nicholas (who was supposed to be in bed) eating the leftovers of his pasta which I hadn't disposed of after his 6pm dinner!

...And I can assure you, it didn't get any better after that.... All I can do is laugh!

Seriously though, I appreciate your support so much, and cannot thank you enough for sticking with me through that tonight... May it never, ever happen again :-)


  1. Hope all goes well inthe upcoming days. Thanks very much for making such fantastic sought after nappies.

  2. Why is it that, on the days you need it most, children decide sleep is not what they want? Well done Carli, I can totally get where you are coming from as my online business recently suffered the same fate! I ended up walking away from my computer so I didn't have to witness the errors! Web guys sorted it all out pretty quickly, but, whoa momma, it was scary!
    take care