Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm a little slow.....

With these double-orders from the February stocking, that is! I'm almost there, but I have to send out massive apologies to those of you who are still waiting!

I had planned on having the next stocking late this month, but I'll just have to see how I go. I do get alot of emails (ALOT) asking if I can make custom orders, and it really pains me to say no! I really wish I could!! Find me an extra 24 hours in each day, and I might be able to, but for now....

OK, so remember the competition I ran at last month's stocking for those who purchased velour wipes? The prize was a $100 clothing package, and the lucky person whose name my lovely husband drew out was Nadia!! Nadia has been kind enough to let me splash her gorgeous daughter, Amie's, photos around all over the place - she's just so cute that I can't resist! Here's the very sweet, and very deserving Amie

Don't you just love the nappies all around her? Like she's basking in the MiniLaLa. Oh, ok, here's another: Amie with the lovely Violet (if you haven't yet discovered these gorgeous Posy dolls, head over to MiniLaLa now!)

I just love, love, LOVE receiving photos of your delicious little babies in their MiniLaLa, so keep 'em coming! I want to share the love (and the cuteness), so here are a few of the most recent ones I have received - too cute!



Cooper and Gemma

I would show you all the babies, but I'd be here all day. You can see them all in the baby gallery here

In other news, I have some new fabrics!!!! Oooooh, I love getting new fabrics! I can spend hours just looking at them. Ooohing and ahhing over the prettiness. I'm going to be cheeky and just show you a few though, hahaha (that should read like an evil laugh, by the way)!

That's just a tiny taste. You'll have to wait to see the rest! I have 15 or so.....

Another thing - this is very important! - I am going to start using my website newsletter as the main source of information in regards to stockings, ballots, member specials, competitions and announcements, so if you haven't already, please go to the MiniLaLa website, and subscribe to the newsletter. I will still blog, but it will mostly be this type of general chatter. The really important stuff will now be reserved for the newsletter (just to save me doubling up).

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