Friday, March 27, 2009

This is unlike me!

I'm a bit of a post-a-holic today. Usually I can barely find time, but I have a few things to share today. As some of you might know, the kids and I have been away this week. I just had to share a few cute pics of the kids from the past week.

Here's Nicholas getting his hair cut. I had had two attempts at it, and he had been wearing a very asymmetrical 'do' for some time. It wasn't a very good look. He really hates hair falling on him, which is why I'd had no success.

The new 'do'!
And here he is in a pair of ridiculously large sunglasses that he insists on wearing everywhere. I just love them! How cute is he (apart from the finger up the nose, LOL!)?

Ivie in the glasses
And Ivie with her first ever ponytail!

...Which brings me to my next post (yes, another one!).
Aren't my kids just the cutest!?

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