Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This blog has been suffering....

And so have I! I have a cold - a nasty one - but that's not the reason that my poor blog has been so neglected. You probably know about all of the issues I've had with the latest batch of nappies, and that is taking up ALOT of my time and energy. Oh, and the fact that Nicholas has decided that sleeps are no longer necessary during the day (and often the night - but that's another story!).

Anyway, I will be updating the blog soon as there is news. For now, here are a few pics

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And the winners are...

The wetbag competition has been drawn! Let me start by thanking everyone who entered - we literally had hundreds of emails and I decided that 5 wetbags weren't enough, so I'm giving away 10!!

In case you are interested in how I chose the winners, I separated emails into which pattern was chosen, and then used a true random number generator. I counted up in emais (from time received), and there you have it.

So here goes (I'm just using last initials rather than names - winners should have recieved an email from me)...

Francesca P - Bircage Autumn
Kirsten I - Birdcage Forest
Becky S - Daydream
Rebekah R - Kooky Kaleidoscope
Christine - Divine
Liv D - Divine
Lucie S - Fleur de lis
Kalita - Petal
Gabrielle P - Floriade
Stephanie D - Floriade

Congratulations ladies - you'll be the first to have a MiniLaLa wetbag! Thanks again to everyone who entered (I almost want to give you all one!)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who wants a MiniLaLa wetbag?

Yes, you could be the first to have one! All you have to do is email me with your favourite pattern in the subject line (find the email address and available patterns on the site )

Monday, May 3, 2010

My little baby...

Turned two yesterday... I didn't cope very well! I cannot believe how fast time goes! Fortunately for me, Ivie is more than happy to continue being my baby ('I big baby, Mummy' - Thank you little Ivie!)

Although I have spent the past few weeks in denial, it was a lovely day. I had way too much fun making Ivie's 'tea party' cake - she loves dolls (babies), and sharing tea and cake with them, so she adored her cake too.

So happy and sad all at the same time...

I *heart* MAEVE magazine!

Gorgeous, beautiful, quirky, lovely! I just can't say enough!

MAEVE's first issue went live a few days ago (it's an online mag - so let's add eco-friendly to the list above), and it really is stunning! I can honestly say that it's up there with Frankie as my favourite of all time. You simply must take a look MAEVE Magazine

So much thought has obviously gone into MAEVE. I love every photo, every interview, article...

Oh, and check out the spunk in the 'Thrift is not a dirty word' shoot... (Of course I mean my Nicholas, though how cute is the tanty here!?)

I love that MAEVE has dedicated a whole shoot to recycled kids fashion!

And like I said, the little details - what a lovely end page!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The big reveal...

Finally! It's been a long time coming, but I can finally introduce the new range!

Featuring 8 gorgeous polyester prints in both one-size pocket style modern cloth nappies, as well as handy wetbags. After a few *issues*, we hope to have them ready for sale in about two weeks, so if you haven't already, subscribe to our newsletter to be in the know.

Be sure to keep up to date with our blog, Twitter and Facebook as there will be announcements and giveaways before these are officially released.

You can see more pictures here

Sale on now!

I'm a little late announcing this on the blog (I'm blaming that on the snail's-pace dial up which I'm using whilst changing ISPs), but the easter sale is now on!

$9 Huggalugs leg warmers
$10 Huggalugs leg ruffles
$12 Bella Tunno Dummy Clips (Binkers)
$10 off Posy Dolls
Just to name a few...

Click here to start shopping!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter!

I know I'm a bit late...!

We travelled to Canberra to celebrate my Grandmother's birthday. I'm telling you, 8 hours in the car with two toddlers was not the most pleasant experience! See how excited they look

Though of course we had a ball once we were there. Here they are all frocked up and ready to party!

I can't even believe that I got Ivie's hair braided (though it did take two extra people to distract her!). Doesn't she look divine!?

I hope that you all had a very happy, safe and relaxing long weekend filled with love, family and of course, chocolate!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My footstool makeover

If you don't already know this about me, I love a good project, and I love getting a bargain!

I bought this footstool cheap on ebay ages ago and finally got around to fixing it up this week... What do you think? I'm quite happy with the results.

Eye candy...

Hi! How are you? It's been a while!

So I visited Magnolia Square today and thought I'd share some lovelies with you. As always there were many beautiful and tempting things to look at.

I bought Ivie a sweet little cake from Red Wagon

Also a gorgeous headband from Ellani Petite

I managed to resist the Raggidy Rag dolls (you know I love handmade dolls). Though I think maybe Ivie 'needs' one for easter...

I always love to see Sweet William

and Printspace (both my kids have Printspace prints in their rooms)

I also love Wendy June's gorgeously whimsical artworks

I loved Shabana Jacobson's innovative fine art jewellery range

Polli and J had some gorgeous things too

And yes, I know I 'love' everything, but I really love Printink's range of handprinted clothing and homewares

There were so many more beautiful things - including previously mentioned Knuffle Kid and Habitat Baby - it really is worth heading down to St Kilda this weekend to take a peek...