Monday, May 3, 2010

I *heart* MAEVE magazine!

Gorgeous, beautiful, quirky, lovely! I just can't say enough!

MAEVE's first issue went live a few days ago (it's an online mag - so let's add eco-friendly to the list above), and it really is stunning! I can honestly say that it's up there with Frankie as my favourite of all time. You simply must take a look MAEVE Magazine

So much thought has obviously gone into MAEVE. I love every photo, every interview, article...

Oh, and check out the spunk in the 'Thrift is not a dirty word' shoot... (Of course I mean my Nicholas, though how cute is the tanty here!?)

I love that MAEVE has dedicated a whole shoot to recycled kids fashion!

And like I said, the little details - what a lovely end page!

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