Friday, March 27, 2009

Photographing children...

Children's photographers must have some kind of Mary-Poppins-esque powers I think.

When I try to photograph my own children, I end up with maybe a 1% success rate, and the rest are of face-pulling, blurred, hitting, writhing, tantrum-throwing little monsters (well, I must say, one is a bit worse than the other, LOL)! It takes me FOREVER to get what I need when trying to do 'product shoots'.

For example, I was trying to photograph the kids in my mealtime bibs the other day....

I did get a few cute ones...

You can see more of the good ones on the website

Here's our attempt at a Daddy and kids shot.... funny.... sort of.

This is why I love to have professional photos taken. They just make it look so lovely and easy. Of course I have to mention my most favourite ever photographer, Kristen Cook. She's in Melbourne, and is simply amazing! See MiniLaLa for some of her delicious work!

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