Saturday, February 14, 2009

Are you ready?

Judging by my inbox, you're all ready and waiting for Monday's stocking!

Well, here they are:

The AIOs:
I only have 6 smalls (the stack on the right), the two stacks in the middle are medium, and the two on the left are large.
The pockets:
I've generally got 2-5 of each pattern.

All stacked up and ready to be finished (I need to sew tabs on)

I have really cut it fine this month (not that the last stocking was any different)! With all my sewing machine dramas, travelling the countryside for various reasons, sick kids, etc, etc. I didn't get as many nappies made as I had hoped. Still plenty though.

The good news is that my new machine is fabulous! I know that next month will be more productive.

As those of you who witnessed the last stocking will know, the nappies will go ridiculously quickly! It is first through the checkout gets the goods, so I'd recommend signing up for an account before Monday to get through quicker.

The site now has an 'add-on' postage option to make it simple to check out more than once without doubling up on postage. This proved to be a good option last time with some people getting as many as 5 nappies!

Also, remember that if you want anything other than nappies - velour wipes, hair clips, Huggalugs etc - you can add those to your cart before 9pm.

And...I'll be running a little competition: simply purchase a set of velour wipes on Monday night to be in the draw to win a goodies pack worth over $100!

So 9pm EDST, Monday. I have alot to do before then! See you there!!

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