Monday, February 1, 2010

Great life!

That's what my Dad said when I sent him a photo of the kids at the beach at Lorne on the Great Ocean Road this weekend. Tell me about it!

On Saturday morning, we decided to take a trip to Torquay - spontaneous, impromptu. Always the best trips. We ended up driving through to Lorne and spending the afternoon on the beach. The day couldn't have been more perfect!

We came back to Torquay, had dinner at the hotel, then spent the night at Bells Estate Cottages, and WOW! I was absolutely blown away - not only by my fabulous internet-accomodation-booking skills, but by the gorgeous warm welcome we received. It really made our family holiday (the only one we've had for years as Steve works terrible hours as a chef - it's usually the kids and I heading off while he stays home) so much more special!

Sharon was there to greet us - I didn't even have to tell her my name. We drove down to our cottage, in the middle of the 10 acre property, to discover a breathtaking valley view, a handwritten note, AND a big block of chocolate to help us enjoy our stay! If you are ever in Torquay, I just cannot recommend this little place enough!

OK, so Sunday we spent at the unbelievable beach at Torquay. The day was warm, but the water cool. It was 2.30 by the time we'd had lunch and started on our way home. I just love the place and cannot wait to go again!

Nicholas with 'Coffee', the resident pony at Bells Estate. He roams the property with an Alpaca and a duck. He's only about 2 foot tall! Cute, huh!?

Out for breakfast at Torquay - see the beach in the background?

Torquay beach

Nick's sandcastle - beautifully decorated with seaweed, stones and shells (all covered in sand!)

Bells beach

Daddy and Ivie playing around

Nicholas and I climbed all the stairs down to the rocks

Ivie - literally 1 minute after getting in the car to go home!

Back in Melbourne

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