Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hi! Remember me...?

Yes, it's been a while...! I hope you all had a great Christmas, and a very happy new year! Thanks for following me into 2009!

Things have been chaotic, to say the least! I've been working on the nappies for the next stocking, but mostly on my new website, which is now live at! Very exciting! I'm very happy with it, and I'm sure you'll find the functionality much better than the old one. A special thanks to Matt at Webnovation for the great site, and the fantastic service!

You'll notice a few new items at MiniLaLa, and you might be wondering where they came from. Well, they came from LaLaBaby, which is closing down (everything is on sale, so pop in and grab a bargain). Like I said, things are chaotic! I've had a little too much on my plate lately, and something had to give... I'm sad to say goodbye to my baby of the past two years (almost), but I'm excited about the future for MiniLaLa! These few special things that I just couldn't let go of are the Posy Dolls, Dummy Clips, Huggalugs, and Hair clips, to name a few. These are all available right now.

The next nappy stocking will most likely take place in the second week of February. I'm currently looking for some help making the nappies so that I can attempt to have the shop stocked for good at some stage, but it may be a while off....

In other news, my babies are growing up too fast! Nicholas is just about toilet trained (so no more MiniLaLa's for him, boohoo!), and Ivie is getting around the place, commando style! They're both divine!

I also just have to share with you these photos that I had taken of Ivie in her MiniLaLa nappies. I got them done for the site, brochures, and for the cuteness! I have been following Kristen Cook's blog for quite some time now. She is such an amazingly talented photographer, and I was so excited to have her take these photos!! As you can see, she has just outdone herself once again....

You just have to visit Kristen's website to see her amazing work... and I'll have more where these came from soon!

Please head over to the new website. Have a look around... Join the mailing list... I'll be back soon to let you know when you can grab a nappy!

Have a very happy (and safe) Australia Day!!!!

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