Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a few hours to go!

The MiniLaLa stocking is tonight! Am I ready? No way! I'm scared! Hopefully my little website will handle it.

I've just made a few listings live, so you can add them before the nappies go up at 8.30pm.

Mini Bibs...

Liners and Boosters....

Cloth Wipes....

Now, a few things about the website (remember, this is the final stocking before the new site - YAY!):

- All items will be added to your Paypal cart, and can be paid for using credit cards and Paypal funds

- If the item you want to purchase is sold out, this will only appear AFTER clicking the 'proceed to checkout' button on your cart. The site itself will probably not quite keep up. This is why I've added the smaller items already. That way you can have those in your cart ready for the nappies.

- To check out without signing up for a Paypal account, click 'proceed to checkout' on your cart, and follow the instructions on the left side of the screen. (The word 'continue' is linked - click that)

- I am fairly certain that there will not be enough nappies to go around tonight, so if you do miss out, I'm sorry! There will be another stocking in around 6 weeks, and I will be running a ballot after tonight, so that at least one of you can get all the nappies you want! The ballot will be for blog subscribers only, and I'll send out details later in the week :)

- Orders placed tonight will have a slight delay in postage, as unfortunately I have to go away very early in the morning, until Thursday night. All orders will be sent via express post on or before next Monday, and should hopefully arrive before Christmas. Sorry for any inconvenience!

So 8.30pm. I hope you get the nappies you are after. Good Luck to you all (and to me, LOL)!

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