Friday, December 12, 2008

Monday's the day...well, the night!

Yes, you've been so patiently waiting, and I am very glad to tell you that I will have a stocking of nappies available on Monday - that is December 15th. They will go up on the site at 8.30pm (now, that's eastern daylight savings time).

I will post further updates on the blog before Monday.

I'll open for 1 hour, or until sold out. For this lot, ordering and payment will be through Paypal only, via the cart on my site (sorry if that causes any inconvenience). Styles and sizes are very limited, with there being only 1 in some.

Your purchased nappies will be posted later in the week - all via express post, and no later than Monday 22nd - as we have appointments in Melbourne on Tuesday and Wednesday, so will be rushing off early Tuesday morning. (These things always happen at the most inappropriate of times!)

After this weeks stocking, I will be taking approximately 6-8 weeks to make some more nappies, try to organise some help, oh, and perhaps even take a small break to enjoy some festivities! We are also having a new website built, which I'm very excited about, so I look foward to showing that off in the new year.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your interest and support. Hopefully your babies will all be sporting a MiniLaLa nappy (or two) soon. If I don't hear from you on Monday, have a very safe and happy holiday season!

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  1. I love your nappies and your blog :)

    Keri (Holly Chic Baby Bedding NZ)