Monday, December 1, 2008

What day is it?

December....? Already....?

As shocked as I am that we are but weeks away from Christmas, I'm actually pretty organised (for a change). Nicholas is 2 and a half, which means that Christmas is full of fun and excitement! Let's be honest, it can become quite a chore when we don't have anyone to get excited about our small efforts.

We decorated our Christmas tree last night. I think it's the first time (possibly ever!) that I've had it set up more than a few days in advance. The past couple of years we haven't even had one, so it was lots of fun! Nicholas and I did the decorating, Daddy took photos, and Ivie helped a little too.

I also spent many hours making an advent calendar. I was so excited about Nicholas' reaction, and he didn't disappoint!! We opened the first box last night to reveal a chocolate coin (it had to be something good for the first night). His eyes lit up like fireflies!

Christmas is going to be so much fun this year!

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