Friday, October 2, 2009

Beautiful Mia!

I recently sent off a gorgeous Posy doll to a very well-loved baby girl, Mia.

Mia is less than a month old, and her Aunty (who lives far away) had been searching for the perfect gift - she found it. A Posy doll namesake. Just from chatting with lovely Son, I could tell how very much she loves her new neice and it really touched me. I couldn't resist sharing with you all.

Mia is just the sweetest little thing! Here she is with her 'Mia':


  1. Carli, what an absolutely sweet post. Biased that I am she is gorgeous isn't she. Thanks again hun for organising Posy Mia with such care and love.

  2. Mia absolutely loves her Mia-posey!! Thank you to Mini-lala for the gorgeous dolly! She will cherish it for ever..

    From Mia's Mama (Joyce)

  3. Mia loves her Mia-posey dolly, she will cherish it for ever and all her friends love it tooo...Thank you so much Mini-lala!

    from Mia's Mummy, Joyce