Friday, October 23, 2009

Katie and Ava

You know how I love receiving photos? Well it's even better when they're taken by a talented photographer!! Katie Walker-Smith, a Brisbane photographer, is (I'm proud to say) a big fan of MiniLaLa and was kind enough to let me post some of her photos to share with you all!

Firstly, Katie's gorgeous daughter Ava, cousin Claudia, and Posy doll, Mena having a tea party under the gorgeous jacarandas.

Ava wearing her MiniLaLa hair clips - are they cute or what!? (Ava as well as the hair clips, that is)

You have to see Ava's room - Katie tells me it was inspired by my Plum Kimono nappy! How cool is that!? And not only is Katie a super-talented photographer, but she also made the quilt and other pretty things for Ava's room - what a clever lady!

Thank you so much for sharing these photos, Katie! Ava is divine, and so is your work!

You can take a look at more of Katie's work here.

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  1. Oh I just wish I had a little one to buy your stunning nappies for... My little guy {7} has certainly outgrown them but they are just SO SO gorgeous!