Monday, October 5, 2009

My lovely babies!

I've become a real blog-a-holic lately, haven't I!? I just have so many things going on and so much that I want to share!

Here are a few new photos of my babies:

Ivie in her Saints gear last weekend

Nicholas trying on Poppy's glasses

Ivie is a real houdini with her nappies! Here she is with one on backward in an attempt to get her to keep it on (lasted about 5 minutes). Velcro, snaps, frontwards, backwards, pants on, pants off - doesn't matter, she will get it off!

Here's Ivie with cousin Lucy - aren't they adorable!? They love each other so much.(Do you like Ivie's hair? It was getting a bit wild, so she's now sporting a little bob).

Nicholas riding a pony yesterday. He was a little worried in the beginning, but thought it was great!

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