Monday, September 7, 2009

Down to business...

Post 3 for the day - woah!

OK, so nappies. I know you are all eagerly waiting. I thank you all so much for your patience, and support!

The past few months have been beyond stressful! Moving, manufacturing, the supplier dramas and things not arriving! Plus all the usuals - kids, sewing etc etc. Nothing has gone smoothly, or as expected, of course.

I did say that we were on track for a late August stocking, but after the dramas regarding the waterproof fabric, we are behind *sigh*. It should happen in the next couple of weeks though!

And as for the manufactured nappies, we have also had a few *issues*, and therefore these will be arriving later than expected. I'm hoping for late September to Early October. I have everything crossed!

I will be so glad when everything starts running smoothly - I am confident that there will come a day! It feels like I'm constantly getting nowhere at the moment, which is very frustrating! I am usually en extremely organised and punctual person, and for everything to feel so late and out of control... It's driving me insane!

While I'm here, I am going to show you the patterns that are being manufactured. There will be lots of these to go around

I'll be back to update when I have more information!

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