Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm exhausted!

What a huge weekend! My darling Mum arrived on Friday to help babysit over the weekend (thanks Mum!). We don't get to see her often, so we were all very excited about that! Friday night Steve & I went to see Pearl Jam (who were fantastic). It's not often we get a night out to do 'big people' things, so that was fun. Saturday we had a little family get-together at my brother's house. Then of course yesterday was Mathilda's Market...

It was a gorgeous day - inside Hawthorn Town Hall. Outside it was pouring!!! It's nice that we had some rain, but I wouldn't have minded if Mother Nature had picked a different day to give it to us... Nonetheless, it didn't stop people coming down and the day was a great success. Steve & I got over our stage fright fairly quickly (what choice did we have?) and enjoyed talking to lots of nice people.
I made my skirt for the day - you can't see here, but I had Plum Kimono fabric as the inside of my pockets. Love that print! Oh, and how sweet is my husband helping out!?

It was lots of fun setting up the stall, and I especially love my Kristen Cook pics, don't you? Did you notice the little Posy doll tea party. I liked that too. We didn't get a chance to take any photos once the doors were actually open, but I think there will be some on the Mathilda's site and blog soon...

I'm looking forward to doing the market again sometime - but for now I think I need a while to recover!

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  1. Beautiful ,just beuatiful and it was great to see people walking around with some Minilala's tucked under their arms. Well done to you both