Friday, November 6, 2009

MiniLaLa in print - twice!

Two beautiful magazines this month! It's so exciting to see my product in print.

Hopefully many of you have seen Peekaboo Baby Magazine. I've mentioned it before, but to see in person was gorgeous! I especially love that it is completely free.

Here's MiniLaLa - HOT apparantly

Also a gorgeous Trifle Shoppe ad at the back, featuring none other than Miss Ivie

I picked up the new copy of Little One Baby today for a read, and noticed my nappy in there - very cool (even if it does say it's a nappy cover)! If you haven't seen it already, it's a beautiful mag, and new too. This is just the second issue.

I like Cleo's style...


  1. Ooo - the new Little One Baby is out! I have to confess I wish MiniLaLa nappies were nappy covers too!

  2. ^ No reason why they can't be :) Just take out the inserts.