Friday, April 17, 2009

For the very best looking walls...

Here they are: My top 10 (well, actually it's 11 because I just couldn't decide!).

I'm one of those annoying people who has to keep changing and tweaking things. I'm constantly changing my mind and redecorating (or whatever it may be), so removable art is perfect for me!

Ivie's birthday is in a couple of weeks, and Nick's in a month and a half. I want a set for each of their rooms... and for my office... maybe one for the playroom too (though I do have Wallcandy in there already).
Help me choose!

'Decorated wooden horse' from Paristic - I just LOVE the fuschia wall!

'Dainty toadstools' by lovemaestore at Etsy - such lovely patterns and colours. Wouldn't this be perfect for a newborn nursery?

'Large sweet tree with birdies' by singlestonestudios at Etsy. I'm really loving this one - maybe in yellow for Ivie or blue for Nick?? This is something that would suit a child's room for years.

Now, this one makes me all nostalgic! Who else had these paper dolls as a little girl (or boy)? I just adore this one!
'Dress up dolls' by lovemaestore at Etsy

Nicholas is obsessed with fish at the moment - he caught his first fish a couple of weeks ago, and decided a long time ago that he wanted a goldfish for his third birthday... He'd love these!

'Gold fish' from Giggle Smile Designs

'Trees' by Boodalee from Blik - I'd love these in a baby boy's room.

'Happy creatures' by Threadless from Blik - how funky is this? Maybe for Nicholas?

'Animal circles' by byrdiekids at Etsy - I want these for the playroom!

I also love these!

'Dandelion' from Paristic

'Fly society' by Wallcandy Arts

'Zebra' by Paristic

Now which ones should I get!!!???


  1. Carli what great finds! I love the tree 'Large sweet tree with birdies' the best, but all would be amazing. Gorgeous!

  2. They are all so fabulous!! I love the Happy Creatures for a boy! :-)

  3. What a fantastic list! truly awesome. I love every single one. I'd never be able to pick. My son has aliens in a UFO plus stars, planets and the space station. It's cool and has seen him through the past 3 years. He's 7 now and I feel it's time for a change. You've got me thinking ...

    Jacqui in Japan via Skout

  4. Great choices, all covetable. This post has started me thinking about if I could make my own. Not to sell, but a wall decal for my living room. Does anyone know where to buy the vinyl?