Monday, April 20, 2009

Still going on about wall decals!

Yes, it's days later and I'm still obsessed! There are a few more that I want to share:

I accidentally stumbled upon these yesterday from newbies, Sticky Apple (available from Made by White)... How cool are these!?

Here are more from Sticky Apple, as well as a couple from For Walls and My Munchkin Home

Plus Made By White also sell some other fabulous pieces!
While I'm here, I'd better tell you that I'm also loving Morgan Wills. She makes very beautiful things from reclaimed materials. I love her Bushka dolls!

Yes, yes! I have been sewing - just doing this in my 'me-time' (if you can call it that, LOL)!

...And have a look at this great web tool, Spell with Flickr by Erik Kastner
I could spend hours! Look what I made

OK. Back to work for me!

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