Thursday, April 2, 2009

Something different...

I'm trying something new for this month's stocking.

I started out taking custom orders last year. There were way too many, and I couldn't keep up. So we tried the stocking all at once approach, and well, many of you know how that went!

So rather than putting myself, and all of you, through the stress of yet another manic stocking, I thought we'd do something different and see how it goes....

A lottery! Basically, you enter the lottery by selecting up to 6 nappies that you would like to purchase, then we choose the 'winners'. Sounds like fun, right? I hope so!

So, if you want to buy some MiniLaLa nappies, you really, really need to subscribe to the newsletter, because that's where you'll find all the important info (try to do so before this weekend). Oh, and be sure to let everyone you know about it too ;)

I get so many emails asking if people can purchase nappies right now, and it hurts me to say no - it does! So until I get this manufacture business all sorted (it is happening!), I'm begging you to please, please bear with me! Hopefully you'll find something else that you love, and have a bit of fun on the way.

Oh, and another mention for the amazingly talented Kristen Cook. I just love the photos she took of Ivie (above). If you are looking for a photographer in Melbourne, you must contact her.

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