Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank you Lovestamp!

I just have to show you: I decided to make little bookmark keepsakes for Ivie's Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers and Aunties, to commemorate her first birthday. We'll be having a little family get-together, and thought something lasting would be nicer than a lolly bag or the likes for them.

After making them, I decided that a more personalised touch was in order, so called on the very lovely Jo, aka Lovestamp. I got 9 sterling silver discs, each handstamped with 'love Ivie xo'

Here's what I made

And (I hope you don't get too bombarded now, Jo!), I had asked Jo how squished it might look with lots of words on the disc, and she'd made up a sample for me to see. She actually included that sample for me as a gift to Ivie! It just made my day!

Plus, all this was ordered, organised, and delivered within 4 working days (because I am a serious last-minuter)!! Take a look at Lovestamp's Madeit and Etsy stores to see all thebeautiful pieces that Jo makes.

Jo, thank you so much for your wonderful service! These are so special, and Ivie can't wait to give them out to the special ladies in her life.

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